Kuba Bakowski, "Studies in Natural History" November 14 - January 10, 2010.

Einat Amir, "Ideal Viewer", a Performa09 program, November 7 - 8.


Jonathan VanDyke, "The Hole in the Palm of Your Hand", September 12 - November 1.


"Sleep Activity": Sam Consiglio, Jo Q. Nelson and Nicedisc, curated by Andrew Cappetta, August 30.


"Snooze": Bettina Cohnen, Alessandro Dal Pont, Patrick Meagher, Ivan Petrovic, Alessandro Roma, Evan Roth, Aleksandar Zograf, curated by Marco Antonini, May 29 - July 31.


"A Momentary Fantasy": Natalie Beall, Carla Edwards, Jessica Segall, Jeremy Wagner, Jonathan VanDyke, curated by David Everitt Howe, April 25 - May 24.


"Sherry Fundraiser" by Ann Liv Young, starring Sherry and Gloria, April 11.


"The Practice of Joy before Death; It just would not be a party without you": Einat Amir, Cara Benedetto, 

Keil Borrman, Daniel Bozhkov, Dana Hoey, Jutta Koether, Oz Malul, Gabriel Martinez, Andrea Merkx, 

Paul Pfeiffer, Alyssa Phoebus, Valerie Piraino, Blake Rayne, Davis Rhodes, Martha Rosler, Carlos Sandoval de Leon, Seth Scantlen, Dana Sherwood, Federico Solmi, Kara Walker, Ann Liv Young, February 28 - April 19.