Jonathan VanDyke, With One Hand Between Us, 2011, A Performa Program

Jonathan VanDyke, With One Hand Between Us, A Performa11 Program at Scaramouche

Rushern Baker IV, Untitled (Quadrant), 2014

Rushern Baker IV, Untitled (Quadrant), 2014 

Gilberto Giovagnoli, Lord Auch, 1997, 119 x 228 in.

Gilberto Giovagnoli, Lord Auch, 1997, mixed media, collage, plasticized paper, 119 x 228 in.

Michael Bühler-Rose, Anaypayini, Alachua, FL, 2010

Michael Bühler-Rose, Anaypayini, Alachua, FL, 2010

Dmitry Gutov, In Our Days, Everything Seems Pregnant with its Contrary, 2010

Dmitry Gutov, In Our Days..., 2010

Irina Korina, Scarecrow

Irina Korina, "Scarecrow"

Guy Ben-Ari, The Hidden Observer

Guy Ben-Ari, The Hidden Observer, 2013, Oil on canvas, 58 X 72 in.

Seher Shah, Vector Connections

Seher Shah, Vector Connections, 2009, Archival giclee print