Vittorio Messina's Natural Theater, evidence of archeology to come is an Artland Highlight and one of the Top 5 Exhibitions in Milan for Gallery Weekend, October 12, 2019.

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Vittorio Messina's Natural Theater, evidence of archeology to come featured in Giornale L'Ora, October 8, 2019.

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"The viewer's gaze is pulled beyond the dense network of stitches that joins strips of time-worn textiles within the works, as if through the intersections of thread, one could retrace the artist's life, evanescent by choice and definition."

"Scaramouche opens in Milan and rediscovers Nuvolo" review by Cristiana Campanini for La Repubblica, July 12, 2019. "Scaramouche loves Aline inaugurates its spaces with a solo show of the artist, the first in Italy after a critical and market rediscovery in the U.S. by Germano Celant and Di Donna Galleries... Following 10 years on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Scaramouche moves to Milan and does so with a romantic space surrounded by Basiliche Park. Its private garden enjoys shade from a centuries-old sycamore among the works of art."

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"One of Manhattan's coolest galleries opens in Milan. The new gallery Scaramouche loves Aline: Interview with Daniele Ugolini" by Desiree Maida for Artribune, April 4, 2019. Following the experience of Scaramouche in New York, the Italian gallerist returns home and opens a location in Milan during Art Week.

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